Erectile dysfunction and loss of bladder control are two things men simply don’t want to talk about, but Prolong Medical Center has the help you’ve been waiting for, offering cutting-edge treatments to help promote healthy blood flow and restore optimal sexual and urinary function.

Prolong Medical Center manager Neal Nowland said the clinic’s founders observed a need for treating erectile dysfunction and incontinence in Southern Utah, largely due to the aging population. However, health concerns are affecting more men at a younger age as a result of diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.

“Erectile dysfunction isn’t going away by itself, and neither is incontinence,” Nowland said. “Men shouldn’t have to suffer in silence.”

Many cases of erectile dysfunction are attributed to diminished blood flow. Acoustic wave therapy is a noninvasive procedure that treats erectile dysfunction on a cellular level, helping facilitate natural, spontaneous erections whenever the time is right.

During treatment, acoustic sound waves are delivered to the penis using a handheld wand. These waves break up blockages and engage the body’s natural healing agents to restore blood flow and stimulate vascular, stem cell and nitric oxide generation in the treated area.

Solving the riddle of erectile dysfunction requires consistency and patience. Prolong Medical Center offers virtually every available treatment option aside from surgical penile implants.

“We’re dedicated to using the least invasive treatments with the fewest side effects first,” Nowland said.

In addition to erectile disfunction, aging may also cause urinary incontinence due to weakening of the pelvic floor. Although more common among women due to factors like childbirth and menopause, loss of bladder control makes everyday activities more difficult for men as well.

“We get just as many husbands in here as we do wives,” Nowland said. “In fact, many of the people we’ve treated so far are couples coming in together. They feel comfortable together, and both understand that each is suffering from similar issues.”

Prolong Medical Center provides a breakthrough treatment for incontinence utilizing noninvasive electromagnetic stimulation. During treatment, patients sit comfortably and fully clothed on a chair that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to quickly deliver thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions.

Similar to Kegel exercises, these contractions strengthen the muscles to better support the bladder. The body will experience up to 11,200 total contractions during each half-hour session. This causes the pelvic floor to lift and tighten, which means better muscle control and no more unwanted leakage. Nowland said some patients have also reported better urine flow and less frequent urination after undergoing electromagnetic therapy.

Prolong Medical Center offers a multifaceted approach to health and wellness by providing advanced procedures that treat the root causes of various conditions, not just the symptoms.

Nowland said men are less apt to seek medical care, particularly when it comes to sensitive and potentially embarrassing issues like erectile dysfunction and incontinence. Along these lines, Prolong Medical Center offers patients effective treatment with the utmost discretion. Appointments are scheduled so you’re not sharing the waiting room with anyone.

Prolong Medical Center is committed to helping every patient feel better and achieve a higher quality of life through cutting-edge therapies. Before starting any treatment plan, a medical provider will thoroughly review the patient’s medical history and preexisting health conditions to create a program that fits their unique needs.

“We customize treatment plans to ensure the best outcome,” Nowland said. “We take every individual into consideration.”

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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