The St. George Children’s Museum is an interactive museum for children ages 2-12 featuring activities that encourage imaginative play and exploration. Located at 86 S Main St, St. George, UT 84770, the Children’s Museum is dedicated to inspiring children through discovery of our natural world and interaction with others. The St. George Children’s Museum offers a variety of exhibits that will keep your child glued to the museum for hours. Kids will not only learn new things every time they visit, but also develop new skills that they can take home with them. 

Jumping Robots

These robots are all about movement. They are programmed to do many different activities that will keep your child guessing and wanting to come back to the robot again and again. There are plenty of robots to keep your child entertained for hours upon hours. We especially like the robot that will play music when you put a coin in the machine. The robot will play one minute of a song before playing itself again. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained without getting bored. The large jumping robots are perfect for children 3 years and up. This is such a helpful activity for children who like to explore their environment. These particular robots are programmed to walk, jump, dance, run and do many other activities. These toys are great for encouraging your child’s ability to learn and explore their environment.

Live Animal Habitats

These live animal habitats are a great way to keep your child engaged. You can choose from five different habitats including a hammock, tree house, arboretum, prairie and den. Depending on the animal you choose, there are three different activities that the animals will do while your child watches. Hammocks are perfect for little explorers who like to climb. The hammock will allow your child to climb, dig and explore the inside of their habitat. Tree houses are great for children who like to climb and play in their environment. The tree house is a great way to give your child a place to play while keeping them safe. The prairie and arboretum are great for visual learners. The prairie will allow your child to see their environment in a whole new way. You can create an oasis in the desert with the arboretum.

Play Lab for Young Children

Play labs are excellent for children ages 2-4 years. Play labs are designed for children who like to explore their environment with their hands. Each play lab is filled with many different activities that encourage hands-on exploration. The Activity Play Lab includes three different play areas that are perfect for young children. The first area is a ball pit. The ball pit will transform from a shallow water area to a dry surface. This is perfect for young children who like to try to climb out of the ball pit. The next area is a playhouse that will change shape and function. You can create a variety of different environments with the playhouse. It’s great for encouraging children’s creative minds. The final area is a building block play table. This table will transform into a play kitchen, play office, play garage, play ball pit and many other options. This is a great activity table for encouraging creative play. More about St. George, Utah

St. George Children’s Museum Gift Shop

The St. George Children’s Museum gift shop contains many unique items that are perfect for any child. The gift shop is stocked with a variety of original souvenirs, clothing, toys and books. If you need a gift for that special child in your life, the museum gift shop is the place to go. There are plenty of gifts available for any occasion. The St. George Children’s Museum gift shop is a great place to buy gifts for children of any age.


What are my transportation options getting to the museum? Transportation options include parking in the Museum Parking Lot, walking to the Museum or riding the St. George Interurban Railway. Where can I contact the museum for more information? You can visit our website at to find out more information about the St. George Children’s Museum. You can also send us a message on Facebook. You can also call the museum at 435-627-6614. Is there a recommended age range for the museum? The museum is designed for children ages 2-12. We recommend visiting the museum with your child to see if they would like to spend more time exploring or if they would prefer to play on their own. What are the hours of operation? The St. George Children’s Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Will there be a fee to enter the museum? No, there will not be a fee to visit the museum. All activities and exhibits are free of charge. The St. George Children’s Museum is the perfect place for children to learn and explore. There is so much to see and do in this one-of-a-kind museum. The museum is a great place for kids to spend their free time and build their creativity.