Prolong Medical Center offers a multifaceted approach to health and wellness by providing advanced procedures that treat the root causes of various conditions, not just the symptoms. Solutions include breakthrough therapies for erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, sexual rejuvenation, and chronic pain.

People living with erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence or numerous other health conditions may benefit from the variety of cutting-edge treatment options available at Prolong Medical Center.

“We customize treatment plans to ensure the best outcome,” manager Neal Nowland said. “We take every individual into consideration.”

Most cases of erectile dysfunction can be attributed to diminished blood flow caused by plaque buildup in arteries and reduced capacity of existing blood vessels. Shockwave therapy is a noninvasive procedure that treats erectile dysfunction on a cellular level to promote natural, spontaneous erections.

During treatment, acoustic sound waves delivered to the penis using a wand break up blockages and engage the body’s natural healing agents to restore healthy blood flow. Research shows it helps 70% of men who don’t respond to medication for erectile dysfunction, Nowland said, and is more than 85% effective overall. Results are typically noticeable after just a few sessions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Nowland said that unlike most clinics, Prolong Medical Center offers virtually every available treatment option for erectile dysfunction aside from surgical penile implants. They create customized treatment plans to promote healthy blood flow and restore natural sexual function. If patients are not seeing the desired results from shockwave therapy alone, oral medications and pumps may be supplemented to achieve maximum success.

“We are dedicated to using the least invasive treatments with the fewest side effects first,” he said.

Prolong Medical Center also uses shockwave therapy to provide pain relief and restore mobility elsewhere in the body. Shockwave therapy stimulates the production of collagen and the formation of new blood vessels, key components in the body’s healing process. Nowland said patients may also experience reversal of chronic inflammation.

Age, menopause and childbirth can all cause the pelvic floor to weaken and descend, leading to bladder leakage and frequent urges. While incontinence is more common in women, it affects men as well.

Prolong Medical Center offers a breakthrough treatment for incontinence that utilizes electromagnetic energy to quickly deliver thousands of pelvic floor muscle contractions. Similar to Kegel exercises, these contractions strengthen the muscles to better support the bladder. Patients may observe results after a single session with continued improvement over the next few weeks, Nowland said.

Additionally, electromagnetic energy can be used for treating sexual issues in women caused by loss of tissue in the vaginal canal, including loss of sensation, feelings of dryness and uncomfortable or painful intercourse. Rejuvenating and raising the pelvic floor, combined with lifting, tightening and boosting these tissues, makes sex more fulfilling, Nowland said. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes, and patients may remain fully clothed.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Medical science has long recognized that oxygen is essential to life and healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy harnesses the power of oxygen to stimulate the body’s natural restorative abilities.

During treatment, patients breathe in 100% medical-grade oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure in a specially designed chamber. Blood oxygen levels climb 10-15 times higher than normal, Nowland said. The oxygen is infused into all fluids and tissues, including the brain, bone marrow and lymph.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the growth of new blood vessels, regenerates damaged tissues, helps the body fight infection and stimulates nerve and brain cell recovery. Some patients seek treatment to accelerate their healing and recovery from surgical procedures, including joint replacements. People suffering from chronic fatigue may also find relief.

Get Help From Prolong Medical Center

Prolong Medical Center offers cutting-edge therapies and personalized programs to help every patient choose the optimal treatment plan for the results they deserve, Nowland said. Before starting treatment, a physician assistant will review their complete medical and pharmacological history and pre-existing health conditions to ensure the highest success rate.

“There’s a lot that can be done here for a variety of different conditions,” he said. “Every part of your body that you’ve got issues with, we can treat with our machines.”

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