Prolong Medical Center offers cutting-edge therapies addressing sexual wellness and myriad other concerns.

Prolong Medical Center employs a focused and highly qualified staff with decades of experience in men’s health. Providers specialize in tackling sensitive issues like erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

“Men shouldn’t have to suffer in silence,” clinic manager Neal Nowland said.

Although more prevalent in the aging population, erectile dysfunction isn’t exclusively an older man’s problem. Nowland said men of all ages are noticing their sexual performance isn’t what it used to be, often due to diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. Genetics, physiology, medications and many other factors contribute as well.

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly attributed to diminished blood flow. Prolong Medical Center offers acoustic wave therapy, a noninvasive procedure that treats penile tissue on the cellular level to help facilitate natural, spontaneous erections whenever the time is right.

During a session, acoustic sound waves are delivered using a handheld wand. These waves break apart plaque buildup and scar tissue while engaging the body’s natural healing agents to restore blood flow along with stimulating vascular, stem cell and nitric oxide generation in the treated area.

Solving the riddle of erectile dysfunction requires consistency and patience. Prolong Medical Center offers a variety of nonsurgical options to promote healthy blood flow and restore natural sexual function, including oral medications and pumps. Using acoustic wave therapy as the foundation, they create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs in order to achieve the best results possible.

“We understand that the more blood flow we can get to that area in between treatments, the better success the client is going to have,” Nowland said. “So we give them as many tools to work with as we can. That’s what separates us from everybody else.”

Unlike most medical clinics, Prolong Medical Center affords patients the utmost discretion. Nowland said the staff understands that sexual health is a highly personal issue that can be difficult for men to discuss. Patients’ appointments are scheduled so they’re not sharing the waiting room with anyone.

Best of Southern Utah voters recently awarded Prolong Medical Center a gold ribbon in the men’s health category for the second consecutive year, along with gold in urinary incontinence. Nowland said the clinic strives to provide a superior experience, which begins with making time for every person that walks through their doors. Getting to know each patient and fine-tuning their treatment plan makes all the difference in the end result.

During the initial consultation, which usually lasts at least 30 minutes, the provider will thoroughly review the patient’s medical and pharmacological history as well as discussing their current health concerns and relationship with their spouse or partner. The staff at Prolong Medical Center strives to operate with total transparency so patients understand exactly what’s going to happen and how the process works.

“Our providers know what kinds of questions to ask so we can customize their treatment plan to provide the best outcome,” Nowland said.

Beyond erectile dysfunction, the clinic uses acoustic wave therapy to relieve pain and restore mobility elsewhere in the body. They also offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, as well as those seeking to heal and recover more quickly from injuries or surgeries.

Prolong Medical Center provides a breakthrough treatment for urinary incontinence in both men and women that utilizes noninvasive electromagnetic stimulation on the pelvic floor muscles. During each session, the body will experience thousands of muscle contractions that help lift and tighten the pelvic floor, which means better muscle control and less unwanted leakage.

Prolong Medical Center is committed to helping every patient feel better and achieve a higher quality of life through cutting-edge therapies. They offer a multifaceted approach to health and wellness by providing advanced procedures that treat the root causes of various conditions, not just the symptoms.

“We customize treatment plans to ensure the best outcome,” Nowland said. “We take every individual into consideration.”

Schedule a consultation today to see the difference Prolong Medical Center can make in your life. For more information, call 435-375-5000.

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