Recognized as the gold standard in Southern Utah, Prolong Medical Center offers state-of-the-art therapies for erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and other highly personal health concerns. The locally owned and operated clinic provides a multifaceted approach that treats the root causes of various conditions – not just the symptoms.

Best of Southern Utah voters recently awarded Prolong Medical Center a gold ribbon in the men’s health category for the third year in a row along with a second consecutive gold in urinary incontinence treatment. Neal Nowland, the clinic’s manager, said he’s grateful to be recognized by the community for the superior patient experience that every member of his staff strives to create.

“We really get to know our patients on a level that other places don’t,” he added. “They’ll feel the difference when they come in.”

Prolong Medical Center employs highly qualified medical providers with decades of experience in sexual health. Recognizing that erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence are sensitive issues to discuss, the clinic prioritizes discretion. Appointments are scheduled so patients aren’t sharing the waiting room with anyone.

Solving the problem of erectile dysfunction requires consistency and patience. For many men, pills alone aren’t the answer. Prolong Medical Center helps restore confidence and ability, making fulfilling intimacy possible again.

If your sexual performance isn’t what it used to be, there’s no better time to get in touch with Prolong Medical Center. Men of all ages are experiencing lasting results from acoustic wave therapy, a nonsurgical and noninvasive solution that harnesses the power of the body’s natural healing agents. It targets erectile dysfunction on the cellular level to facilitate spontaneous, satisfying erections whenever the time is right.

Prolong Medical Center maintains an extraordinary 85% success rate in treating erectile dysfunction with acoustic wave therapy, with many patients experiencing a dramatic improvement in as few as six sessions. The clinic defines “success” as the ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

“Men shouldn’t have to suffer in silence,” Nowland said. “This can change your life.”

Much like erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence is a troublesome and often embarrassing health issue that affects millions of Americans every day. Although more common in women due to factors like menopause and pregnancy, it also affects men and is caused by a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.

Prolong Medical Center has revolutionized incontinence treatment in Southern Utah with Emsella, a breakthrough therapy that utilizes noninvasive electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles. During each session, the body will experience thousands of muscle contractions similar to Kegel exercises that help lift and tighten the pelvic floor, which means better muscle control and less unwanted leakage.

Patients frequently report noticeable improvement after their first treatment. In clinical studies, 95% of Emsella users experienced a significant reduction of incontinence episodes with only six short sessions over three weeks, plus periodic follow-up treatments.

“We get just as many husbands in here as we do wives,” Nowland said. “In fact, many of the people we’ve treated so far are couples coming in together. They feel comfortable together, and both understand that each is suffering from similar issues.”

At Prolong Medical Center, the intimate health concerns of every patient are treated with the utmost care and discretion. This locally owned and operated clinic seeks to improve the quality of life for men and women across Southern Utah through cutting-edge therapies tailored to meet individual needs.

“Your success is our objective,” Nowland said. “We’ll do everything we possibly can to get you the results you’re looking for.”

Schedule a consultation today to see the difference Prolong Medical Center can make in your life. For more information, call 435-375-5000 or visit

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