St. George Art Museum

St. George Art Museum is a sprawling art museum in the middle of the desert. You can visit the museum at 47 E 200 N, St. George, UT 84770. Even though it’s not in a city, it’s surrounded by dozens of towns and small cities. With its wide-open space, natural surroundings, and various artworks from all over the world, St. George Art Museum is one of Utah’s hidden gems. This article will give you an insight into what makes this art museum stand out from other museums in the area, as well as what to expect if you ever plan on visiting here.

What to expect at St. George Art Museum

This museum has been open to the public since 1963, and it currently houses over 10,000 pieces of art. There are also sculptures, a large water collection, and an outdoor garden. The St. George Art Museum was established in 1962 due to the efforts of local artist, Fred Morris. Morris wanted to create a place where people could appreciate fine art. He ran into some problems though. This is a museum that’s spread across a huge area of land. There aren’t a whole lot of nearby cities to make it easy for visitors to get here. There are also a lot of mountains between the city and the museum, which makes it a little more challenging for travelers to get to. There’s not a whole lot to do once you get to the museum either. There’s a small gift shop, and a restaurant inside. Though you could always try hiking around the grounds to see the various pieces of art.

History of the St. George Art Museum

This museum has been around since 1963, which is a pretty impressive feat. During that time, the art museum has grown to be one of the larger museums in the state of Utah. The museum was founded by artist Fred Morris, who also served as its director. The museum’s original location was in a small building in the city of St. George, Utah. Sadly, that building was destroyed in a fire in 1995. Fortunately, the museum’s current location was rebuilt in its place.

Highlights of the St. George Art Museum

The St. George Art Museum is famous for its collection of over 10,000 pieces of art. There are paintings, sculptures, prints, and other pieces from all over the world. The museum even contains a few pieces by Utah-born artists. The museum also features a quaint outdoor garden. The garden contains a few pieces of art, as well as various trees and plants that are native to the area. This outdoor space is a nice break from the museum’s main building, which has tons of art inside of it.  More

How to get to St. George Art Museum

The St. George Art Museum is on the outskirts of the city of St. George. This makes it a little harder for visitors to get here, since they have to travel all the way out to the desert. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get yourself to this museum. – Public Transportation: Public transportation is one way to get to the St. George Art Museum. You could take the Intermountain West (west) TRAX line to the Mill Creek Station. From there, you could either walk or take a ride on one of the city’s golf carts to get to the museum. – Private Transportation: Private transportation is another way to get to the St. George Art Museum. You could rent a car and drive yourself to the museum. Alternatively, you could also take a ride on a tour bus that’s heading to the museum.

Final Words: Should you go to the St. George Art Museum?

This museum is a great place to visit if you’re a fan of art. It’s famous for its collection of thousands of pieces of art. Additionally, the museum has a nice outdoor garden and a native garden that you can explore. You could also try visiting during the fall or springtime, when the garden is in full bloom. St. George Art Museum might not be as easy to get to as other museums in Utah, but it’s still worth visiting.