If your sex life isn’t what it used to be, there’s no better time to get in touch with Prolong Medical Center. This locally owned and operated clinic is helping men across Southern Utah kick erectile dysfunction out of their bedrooms for good.

Prolong Medical Center offers a multifaceted approach to sexual wellness by providing cutting-edge solutions that treat the root causes of erectile dysfunction – not just the symptoms. This is key to restoring confidence and performance, even for men who have tried other treatment methods without lasting success.

“You don’t have to suffer in silence,” clinic manager Neal Nowland said. “This new year, make the choice to change your life and call us.”

Prolong Medical Center’s patients are experiencing lasting results with acoustic wave therapy, a nonsurgical and noninvasive solution that targets erectile dysfunction on the cellular level. It’s safe and highly effective.

Most cases of erectile dysfunction are linked to diminished blood flow caused by plaque buildup in arteries and narrowing blood vessels. Acoustic wave therapy breaks apart plaque buildup and scar tissue to restore blood flow, helping facilitate natural, spontaneous erections whenever the time is right.

The typical regimen of acoustic wave therapy includes six sessions. Some patients experience improvement after just a few visits, while others might need more treatments.

Solving the problem of erectile dysfunction requires consistency and patience, and Prolong Medical Center is dedicated to meeting each patient where they are. The clinic maintains an extraordinary 85% success rate in treating erectile dysfunction with acoustic wave therapy, Nowland said, adding that “success” is defined as the ability to repeatedly achieve and sustain an erection.

Successfully treating erectile dysfunction goes far beyond restoring the physical ability to perform, however. With the help of Prolong Medical Center, men are enjoying better sex, stronger relationships and a greater sense of self-confidence.

Approximately 30 million men nationwide are struggling with some level of impotence. Although more prevalent among the aging population, erectile dysfunction isn’t exclusively an older man’s problem.

Stress, lack of sleep, medications, weight and general health all play a role in erectile dysfunction. Before starting any treatment plan, a medical provider will thoroughly review every patient’s medical history and preexisting health conditions to create a personalized program that fits their unique needs.

The staff at Prolong Medical Center recognizes that erectile dysfunction is a difficult issue for men to discuss and seek treatment for. As such, they address the health concerns of every patient with the utmost discretion. Appointments are scheduled so patients aren’t sharing the waiting room with anyone.

Prolong Medical Center earned a third consecutive gold medal in men’s health during the 2023 Best of Southern Utah contest, which Nowland said speaks to the patient experience they strive to create. The staff is committed to helping everyone who walks through their doors achieve a higher quality of life through state-of-the-art therapies. Additional solutions include breakthrough treatments for urinary incontinence in both men and women, as well as chronic pain.

“We really get to know our patients on a level that other clinics don’t,” he added. “They’ll feel the difference when they come in.”

Schedule a free consultation today to see how Prolong Medical Center can transform your life. For more information, call 435-375-5000 or visit ProlongMedicalCenter.com.

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