Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site

Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks is a great destination for the whole family. It is located in Hurricane, UT 84737. The trails are easy and free to explore. You’ll find more than 400 fossilized dinosaur tracks spanning three different types. You can see these tracks from a short hike or take a scenic drive. It’s fun for everyone and you can sneak in a little bit of educational content. more

The Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site is a BLM heritage site that features a wide variety of dinosaur footprints in the sandstone. The site is home to over 400 fossilized dinosaur tracks, including those of the Megapnosaurus and Dilophosaurus.

The tracks are large and small. You’ll find footprints as small as 12 inches across in some places. You can also explore the petroglyphs and pictographs found here. There’s even a great view from the top of a hill that looks like it’s straight out of a western film.

To view the tracks, you can walk on the boardwalk that was built over the original track surface. There are plaques explaining the different dinosaur tracks, such as tail dragging, swimming, and even prints of dinosaurs lying down. You can see tracks dating back to the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic eras. The site is moderately easy to access and should be interesting for everyone. Whether you’re a kid or a parent, Warner Valley Dinosaur Tracks is a great place to go for a day.  Browse More Articles

The Warner Valley Dinosaur Track Site in Utah is a must-see for anyone who loves dinosaurs. This fossil site preserves thousands of dinosaur footprints. The site was discovered by Dr. Sheldon Johnson in 2000. Johnson thought it was a dinosaur fossil due to its preserved nature.

Thousands of track samples were found at the site and a museum was built on the site. The museum is fun and educational with a preparation lab for the fossil samples. It also has a classroom and rotating exhibits. A dinosaur-friendly staff allows visitors to get a glimpse into dinosaur life.